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What happens in Montana stays in Idaho

How the West was won – barbed wire & diseased blankets. Shoot em from the train!

Not bad Idaho, not bad at all…

Blood sun over a meadow – smoke on the horizon. Summer in the American West.

On the other hand there’s this – epic forgotten landscapes, space to walk and think, no celle reception & no people for days. Forget an office chair, get naked & swim in a lake…

Holy light..

Thank god for genetic engineering I can hardly taste the huckleberries and all my synapses are firing !

The last days of Northern Montana

Thunderstorms have been rolling in afternoons, hot & muggy – but watching the rain on the horizon from the ridge is magical.
Things u find on trail – live ammo. Ground score?
Sharing the trail with the bovines. Near Dana spring after a 20 mike dry stretch…
I dunno why they call them butterflies… all I ever see them eat are thistle and turds 💩
Met a nice young fella named Gator – he’s already 1500 miles in having hiked the Idaho Centennial Trail & connected to the CDT southbound via the Pacific Northwest Trail. Iz pleasant to have some company for a few days. Ridge walking into Helena…