Eternal Pizza Party

We’re not exactly sure why… but when traveling… people often ask how they can support us. We love getting texts, emails, and even snail mail or packages to remind us that people support us and follow our journey.

But that might seem like too much work (and we hate work) so another option is CONTRIBUTING TO HARPO & GROUCHO’S ETERNAL PIZZA PARTY.

Have you ever noticed how a slice of pizza looks like the silhouette of a mountain peak? Or how a glorious round pizza pie looks just like a full moon? Believe me, we have too… It’s actually all we can think about on trail.

Thru hiking requires 4000-6000 calories a day, and that vegan town pizza is a definite boost. Each contribution to Harpo + Grouchy’s pizza fund will allow us to enjoy a delicious vegan pizza during our next town visit. Click the ETERNAL PIZZA PARTY button below to donate via PayPal and become our eternal hero.