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IMG_4003-0The Wrong Way Gang are a group of dreamers, adventurers, and self-discoverers who have met on various journeys – particularly Southbound thru hikes. As a collective, we empower ourselves, each other, and *all of you* to self actualize – live your life boldly, plan adventures, and have fun. Create systems and community support for individual endeavors, but don’t fear swimming against the current. We are online, in person, on trail, and in your dreams.

The Wrong Way Gang was founded by Harpo and Groucho on their AT 13 SOBO thru hike in response to the everpresent statement from hundreds of northbound hikers – “Don’t you know you’re going the wrong way?”


  • inspiring projects and adventures
  • beautiful and unique photos
  • heartfelt, honest and irreverent journal entries
  • gear reviews written with integrity, practicality and humor
  • awesome trail recipes
  • funny and informative youtube videos
  • people who value philosophies of: leave-no-trace, diy, locally based/trade economy, light weight travel, ecological and low-footprint living.


IMG_3999We are Harpo & Groucho. Pacific Northwest-based people and founders of the Wrong Way Gang. We are conceptual artists searching for freedom and transcendence in a landscape ravaged by late-Capitalism. We ask questions of ourselves & others hoping to discover the REAL America as we search for freedom, love and equanimity amongst fellow humans.  Through conversation, play and physical meditations – walking, cycling, singing, drunkenness, yoga, cooking & sharing food we journey on…

Traversing topography, defying the simulacra, rejecting authority, giving gifts, dreaming and always moving onward & upward H+G insist we are what we share, not what we own.


20130713-081508.jpgH+G’s collaboration was initiated with a five-month, 2200 mile thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. The AT thru hike was the genesis of this blog – formerly called “Songs Out of the City”, and now titled “Wrong Way Gang.” Whatever we call it… it is a virtual manifestation of the passage of time, and also an expansive space where we test our ideas and outline philosophies, strategies, and games.

Recently, projects include:

  • a 2600+ mile hike of the Pacific Crest Trail (southbound 2015)
  • #freesale based on the yard-sale model, where goods are given as gifts and donations are accepted but not required. All money raised was donated to the VERA Project.
  • Yoga teacher training and work-for-stay in Guatemala
  • Founding the Northwest School of Mystical Hikers – an offshoot of the New Mystics art collective. We started NSMH in 2012 by transporting urban artists into nature and facilitating dialogue in transformative and transcendental landscapes.
  • Café Mystique – a weekly secret cafe with attitude and effervescence. By inviting artists and citizens to share delicious vegan pre fixe menus, we helped make new friends, expand community in unexpected ways, and have a great time.
  • Pesticide-free gardening and work-for-stay at MAHA Farm and Forest on Whidbey Island.

 is a visual and performance artist, printmaker, curator, designer, and vegan chef. Co-founder of Free Sheep Foundation and New Mystics, he has created large scale free public art events such at Moore:Inside Out, Art Dash 4 Ca$h, the Belmont, the Bridge Motel, and opened the TUBS Memorial Project. NKO has exhibited nationally and internationally – locally at the Frye, MOHAINAAMSCCC, Vermillion, and Bumbershoot.


Sara is a performing artist, yoga teacher, curator, event-planner, communicator, and arts administrator. Director of The People’s Grand Opera, she has performed original music at On the Boards and the Frye Art Museum and is working with Jack Straw in residency in recording. Sara founded lounge act Honey Castro, and is a regular in The French Project. She has worked with City Arts Festival, Richard Hugo House, and Smoke Farm, and as an administrator/project manager for 4Culture, On the Boards, Saint Genet, and Fife Consulting. She has thru hiked the AT (2013), PCT (2015).



Nourishing Journey – Bug’s Nutrition and Hiking Blog
A Calendar Year – Future Dad’s Blog for his PCT 2015, Te Araroa 2016, and AT 2016 journeys
Future Dad’s Youtube Channel – video summaries of Tyler’s hikes



Harpo & Groucho  –  @WRONG_WAY_GANG
Future Dad  – @tylerhikes
Bug  –  @a_herbz
Huck  –  @martin_madsen
Twinless  –  @jlfleck


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5 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. UnrestingSea

    Hi Sara & NKO – thank you for following my blog. I love your mission and I am eager to read about your American (& self) discoveries as I follow you back. Happy trails!

  2. Rachel

    I am so fucking glad I found this blog, I have been devouring it as if it were a novel impossible to put down. Found you guys by searching for vegan thru-hikers… and I am left inspired and in awe, with a little bit more hope for humanity and some new dreams in my heart. Thanks to you all for being rad humans, I hope to follow in your footsteps! literally and figuratively 🙂

  3. Dkck1969

    Thanks!!! I will stay in touch very often. Please keep me posted on how things are going for you 2. You know I am thinking about you.


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