Harpo’s PCT Journal: Sep 21-22

 Day 96-97 (Woods Creek Waterslide to Kersage Pass/bishop)

Miles hiked this section: 17
PCT hiked so far: mile 2660 – 790
Miles hiked so far: 1877 ish

*as always forgive the lack of spellings, punctuation or editing. As usual, I am typing with my thumbs on an creaky iPhone 4, laying with my sleeping bag over my head so no one can see the screenglow… Much like a 9 year old reading comics after bedtime

Day 96
My body is so tired this morning but it is a town day so we start early… Eager for town food tonight since our food bags are mostly empty…only plain oatmeals and potato flakes remain. 
Crossing a long squeaky suspension bridge, headlamps illuminating each other’s backs and heels, we carefully step over missing planks. I am reminded of Romancing the Stone. Only safely across do we see the sign warning that only one hiker at a time should cross. Lucky NOBOs get all the good signs. 
We approach our first pass of the day racing by huge lakes, each rippling with hundreds of halos. Hungry fish enjoying bug breakfasts. I am furious at the sight of sleepy JMTers lazily packing up their tents in impacted restoration DIRECTLY BEHIND signs requesting no camping. There are no rules on the JMT apparently, which explains the frequent campfires we’ve seen, also the switch back cutting. 
Again we find the first splash of sunshine for our coffee break. then on to Glen pass. Up and up past lakes and over rocky switch backs with several false summits. 

Humming little mermaid tunes to myself before turning up the MP3 tunes… Then Dancing to the top with my buddy Meatloaf. 
We enjoy a quick descent before going off trail 8ish miles to cross up and over kersage pass. This is the “easiest” way to get to a town for resupply. I pass the extra miles easily talking with Huck about film and stage directors – lars Von trier and castellucci. I descend the last 5 miles by myself. 
 The Onion valley trailhead parking lot is full of cars but none are leaving. Groucho and Twinless talk to every camper here and we discover Everyone we see is staying the night. We wait for almost two hours before Twinless calls an employee at the Hostel California who offers to drive the 120 minute round trip for a few gas dollars. This type of joy filled coercion is Twinless’ special gift. Even when on the phone and they can’t see she is all legs. 
Hostel California is as wonderful as everyone says. A historic old house, with friendly staff and a huge kitchen set in a charming downtown with abounding hiker amenities. A juice bar with vegan cheesecakes sits across the way and three excellent gear stores are within a block. We pay for a nights rest and Groucho offers to paint a mural tomorrow in exchange for a second night for the crew. It’s agreed. Tomorrow we will zero in Bishop. 

Day 97

Laundry. Hunger-induced Nausea. juice bar. Gear shops with actual helpful and ultralite gear. 1mile Walk to grocery. Homemade vegan nachos. Guitar tunes by new Wrongwaygang member Future Dad who just caught up. A beautiful mural by Groucho. Sleep. 

2 thoughts on “Harpo’s PCT Journal: Sep 21-22

    1. clearandsweet Post author

      thanks so much Roxanne! You should plan your next adventure soon. It’s beautiful out here! xoxo Harpo


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