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Winter in Leadville


Fresh tracks on the trails at Colorado Mountain College. Built and maintained by the local bike club, the Cloud City Wheelers, these trails are groomed a couple times a week – especially after new snow. I beat the groomer this time, but because it was 8 degrees the ride was still pretty firm. I can almost feel my toes now…


If u need to ask why live in Leadville…. view of the Sawatch Range from Long and Derry Hill.


The local snowmobile club grooms county and forest roads on the East side of town. Here Jack the dog and ski our way up CR3A on some fresh cord. There’s often nobody out there…


Cold, also dead. The Evergreen cemetery is a few blocks for the house… there are some ornate tombs and headstones from the late 1800’s. The cemetery informally peters out into some pine forest with snowmobile and snowshoe tracks … you’ll often find random headstones with the markings worn off next to a tree deep in the forest. 


Harpo – mane skiing down the pipeline. Lots of terrain to explore on the east side of town…

Boulder River – North Cascades

Boulder River

The day started off late but lovely under a gathered skirt of grey clouds, raining softly on and off as we made our way along the fast moving west bank of the Boulder River. A short hike (8.5 miles roundtrip) through towering old growth the forest was lush with myriad greens, a distinct difference from many of the deciduous forest we’d just hiked through on the AT. And the trees are so goddamn tall out here. It’s good to be back in the West…Boulder River