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Temporary Autonomous Zone


Hakim Bey has been a big influence in my philosophy over the last decade. Between Temporary Autonomous Zone, Immediatism and Pirate Utopias (written as Peter Lamborn Wilson) he outlines a humanistic way of living – seeking personal sovereignty through poetic acts. He was the first person to vocalize a system of thought that emphasized the art of living as a pure form, and of primary importance in defining our outward social actions. Bey’s philosophies of ‘ontological anarchy’ and ‘poetic terrorism’ define ways of calling for social justice, and embodying the joy of living, through artistic intervention and unexpected beauty. All philosophies have their weaknesses – but his unserious approach to the serious business of living and social revolution is still resonant.

Above is the cover of probably my 5th copy of T.A.Z. (it’s a book meant to be given away), which Harpo and I tore into sections and read on the AT. When we were done reading, we would leave the sections in shelters for others… another act of literary intervention, though not quite as badass as Guy Debord’s sandpaper bookcover.

Every Moment

20130925-093909.jpgIn every journey there is a moment when everything becomes endless, when you reach the threshold of continual arrival. You find yourself meditating with your eyes open, turned inside-out, yielding to immediacy.

At this moment, your vision becomes extremely clear. The smallest insect on a picnic table suddenly manifests the most excruciating detail. Every sound is extremely close, vibrating the air around it.

As the forest opens up, a vista expands with seeming infinite depth of field – this mirrors the interior landscape in a series of shifting horizons. Vast storms, warm wind, sultry beams of late summer light all travel freely. Everything is momentary, and time becomes malleable.

The duration of the journey and the topography it traverses become operations rather than obstacles. Moments echo themselves, yet each is absolutely singular.

It Is Luckier…

“Only the dead are truly smart, truly cool. Nothing touches them. While I live, however, I side with bumbling suffering crooked life, with anger rather than boredom, with sweet lust, hunger & carelessness…against the icy avant-guard & its fashionable premonitions of the sepulcher. ”
Hakim Bey