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Savory Oat Express

Instant savory oatsOn a recent backpacking trip, Groucho tested out a new savory oat recipe. This one’s stove-less for those times you run out of fuel, or just don’t feel like carrying the extra weight of the stove and fuel on a journey. The coolest trick (ye olde backpacker standby) is to tear the top off the packet and pour your filtered water right into it. The packet is resilient enough to be your temporary bowl.

Mix together:
1 package plain or flax instant oats
1packet miso soup mix (we used savory soup with seaweed)
1/2 cup filtered or purified water

Let sit for a few minutes to hydrate the oats

Top with:
1 spoon nutritional yeast
A hearty sprinkle of Furikake rice seasoning


It’s totally novel having a kitchen to cook in, and experience vegan snacks we only fantasized about on the trail. However, this also highlights the fact that basically all I want to eat is oatmeal and noodle soup. Hmmm… getting hungry. For further portraits of everyday vegan fare try No Money Meals.

savory oats

Savory oats with peanut butter, olive oil, Buffalo chipotle hot sauce, raw garlic. Garnished with scallions, spicy sprouts, and lots of fresh pepper.

lentil stew

Lentil stew with homemade stock, mirepoix, garlic. Garnished with scallions & lots of fresh pepper.

noodle soup

Noodle soup with tofu, gai lan, mizuno greens. With a miso based broth including tahini, coconut milk, toasted sesame oil, and sriracha.

noodle soup

Miso ramen with fried tofu, raw garlic, caramelized onion. Served with spicy sprouts, cilantro and lemon.


miso ramen with roasted garlic, mizuna, gai lan and pea vine shoots.

savory oats

Miso savory oats with pea vine shoots and black pepper.