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Mailbox Peak


This memorial was new since last we visited the peak…

Mailbox Peak
Distance: 6 miles

Elevation Gain: 3821 Feet
Date: July 19, 2014
Hikers: Harpo, Groucho
Duration: 5 hours

Groucho sez –

Harpo and I went out for a quickie – forgetting that no matter how fast you want to go, this hike will always pencil out to about a mile a hour, unless you want to run it. Regardless, the rigor is always fun especially when you’re hung-over from your friend’s film premier the night before and went to bed with the spins…

Mailbox was busy as ever with athletic bodies aspiring to conquer, well, something… but we conversed with a number of friendly and enthusiastic folks. We also left a couple of trophies in the box… gold stars for all who make it to the top. There wasn’t really a view – actually visibility was about 15 feet above the treeline – but the wildflowers were out in force, including the alpine lilies and desert paintbrush.


We left a couple of airplane bottles (spraypainted gold, of course) and a couple of the new H+G pins as trophies for the intrepid souls who brave the elevation gain.

Desert Paintbrush

The wildflowers were out in force, even if the cascading horizons, normally the highlight of this trip, were absent.

Other Trees

A little scrap of sunshine on an otherwise overcast day…


The views at the top were amazing…