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Trail Recipes: the Crackaccino

Trying to name this without infringing on Starbucks’ Frappachino copyright was tough, because it tastes too good to be a Crapaccino, and isn’t heavy enough to be a Snackaccino, so…

Trail Crackaccino:

-1 Starbucks Via packet

-1 tablespoon Nature’s Garden vegan powdered coconut milk

-1 tablespoon organic cacao pow

-1 tablespoon HARPOMAX protein pow (1/2 chocolate protein pow, 1/2 Ramón/Maya nut – a foraged Centeal American superfood)

-1 long squirt organic agave syrup

-6 oz filtered water

Put ingredients in a empty peanut butter jar & shake the shit out of it. Prolly 1 minute hard shake, so the coconut milk foams. Enjoy!