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Grin about it

Jamie and Sara outside the Grinning Yogi studio

Jamie and Sara outside the Grinning Yogi studio, right next door to Remedy Tea

Sara and I just completed a mentorship program called the Grinning 20 at the Grinning Yogi yoga studio on 15th in Cap Hill. Jamie, the proprietor of the studio, signs students up for a 1 month unlimited pass and pairs them with an instructor to guide them through the practice. The goal is to complete 20 yoga classes in 30 days – and learn more about yourself and your practice.

Jamie mentored us for the last month as we prepare for the hike – teaching us simple forms we can lead each other through and working on our own physical problems. For me this means performing balancing exercises to try and strengthen my broken foot, for Sara it’s transitioning from a full time desk job to a more active lifestyle – which means intense IT band stretching.

Balancing half moon

Sara catches a half moon in camp during a recent gear test trip.

The experience has been great!  Jamie is super thoughtful about making sure we are mentally prepared, as well as physically able, to embark on this journey together. And as people who only started practicing yoga 8 months ago, she has made our transition into yoga fanatics a fantastic journey.


and so we continue the process of beginning

IMG_1772It’s the night of our going away party… in a few moments we leave to say “bye for now” to our friends at Vermillion Gallery and Bar. It’s a relief to get out of the house. The living room is in shambles with pyramids of vegan dehydrated food, piles of almost-finished sewing projects, and the contents of our packs spilling across the floor. We are madly in the process of inventory, fixing adding, subtracting items to our emergency kits, and toiletries kits, and sewing kits, and keep-warm kits.

image courtesy of http://atc.civicore.com

The AT is a national historic trail running 2200 miles from Maine to Georgia

This Thursday, June 27 we set of on our journey. We’ll drive down to Portland, OR to visit with Sara’s folks a few days and give them our food stash so they can help us with mail drops. On July 1st we take a red-eye eastward. To Boston specifically. Two bus rides, two days, and two car shuttles later we will arrive at the base of Mount Katahdin, the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail.

We are more than excited for the journey to finally begin. And can’t wait to share it with you. This homepage will be updated regularly with our thoughts and experiences. In the meantime, check out tabs at the top for some back story on why we’re doing this, what gear we’re taking, our cooking experiences.

xo Sara and Nko