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Bogachiel River Romp – also Waterproof Sox

Harpo and I first hiked the Bogachiel River trail when we were starting to train for the Appalachian Trail hike in 2013. It was as wet as we remembered. And although it’s hard to romp hip deep in icy water, we did our best. The trail was muddy, wet and due to recent storms there were numerous blowdowns – but it provided a welcome (if not wet) few¬†hours of hiking.

We got to test some new gear – NRS Hydroskin .5 neoprene socks. These actually worked great when paired with wool liners – tho to say they are ‘waterproof’ is a misnomer. Neoprene works by allowing the body to heat a small area of water close to the body – so like using a wetsuit, you’re wet but warm.

I tried the neoprene socks alone, wool socks alone, and the wool/neoprene combo. The wool/neoprene combo was definitely the warmest, allowing for a quick reheat every time our feet were drenched again. Both Harpo and I remarked we’de like try the neoprene socks if we hiked the AT again, especially towards the end of the season. I used lightweight DarnTough no show socks as liners the first day, and DarnTough hiker crew socks the second day – my only complaint is the wool socks retain too much water, causing the feet to feel super heavy. I’m excited to try the combo with thin REI wool liners, as well as experimenting with poly liners. These beat a bread bag for sure! Tho considering carrying the weight just for those times when your feet are wet all day is tough….


It’s a curious challenge, not without danger and the possibility of failure (or at least half naked embarrassment) – to drink 24 beers in 24 hours while hiking 24 miles. The 24/24/24.

I had first heard about the 24/24/24 while Harpo and I were hiking the AT, but ran out of time. It’s also less fun to do solo, and Harpo was nauseated at the prospect of so much liquid. 

Needless to say, FutureDad was down when I mentioned it to him. We had a 24 mile stretch between the Anderson’s and Augua Dulce – so we duct taped a couple of 12 pack boxes together, he chose Keystone Light, and I Pabst Blue Ribbon. And we were off…

And we both survived – more or less. Pants were or were not worn, some kung fu happened and many beers were drunken. We ended the night being swooped by trail angel Tom nee JAG who fed us tequila shots and watched us stumble to bed.



  There’s little to say that hasn’t been said before – Mount Whitney is the tallest peak in the lower 48 at 15,505 feet, a gradually sloping giant in the Southern California sky. It’s also the only off trail destination covered by the Long Distance Hiker permit issued by the PCTA, and the traditional endpoint of the John Muir trail thru hike – tho many people try and summit in a single day, and we watched many of them vomiting along the trail. The Wrong Way Gang snuck up for sunrise, leaving Guitar Lake at 2:30am to make the 6 mile summit – an easy 5 mile morning walk. To make our journey more fun we packed in airplane bottles, candy, balloons and mini chocolate bars to do trail magic for the JMTrs and day hikers finishing their hikes…