Great Basin Sandwalkers

The sunsets are soft & washy just as the days are brite & brutal

Everything in every direction …

The only sign of human life are traces of powerlines, unused looking roads, and crushed flattened cans rusted breyond recognition

The road is seemingly endless, and the topograpyhy hardly varies during a day of travel

But the sage is blooming…

2 thoughts on “Great Basin Sandwalkers

  1. Mountain Goat

    Nice pics! The photos are an interesting way to tell the story when the topography changes very little. Adding the hike duration and day and night temperature would help give more context. Happy trails!

    1. GROUCHO Post author

      Thanks for the encouragement! I sometimes forget where I’m at during journeys of this duration but you’re right – more detail would give context. The hike is the CDT, duration 2700 – 3100 miles, tho the Great Basin section is maybe only 400 miles. I’d say daytime temps were in the 80’s and nights were in the low 40’s for the 5 or 6 days we passed thru…


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