August 17

Finally… A Real Zero

Please excuse the radio silence on our blog. We woke this morning in a grove of trees by Wyoming highway 28 knowing – with empty bellies – that it’s been:

*28 nights since we last slept inside in a bed. (Helena). 

*28 days since our last day off (Helena). 

*21 days since real shower and laundry (Ennis). 

*19 days since a real town with amenities like grocery and wifi (big sky). 

*16 days since access to the crappiest town food and wifi on the planet (Mammoth Hot Springs – Yellowstone). 

*13 days since a store where we could buy overpriced shrimp ramen and throw away the seasoning packet (a tourist resupply store in Fishing Village – Yellowstone) 

*9 days since we picked up our last resupply box filled with only 7 days of food (Brooks Lake Lodge)

*9 days since I could last text message my BFF and use a landline to call my mom (Brooks Lake Lodge)
We’ve walked 600 miles since we last took a day off and it’s definitely time for a town day. 

Our destination: Landers, Wyoming. A place for town food, showers, laundry, ice baths, hot tubs, blog and YouTube updates, email, text, chores, and at least 1 (okay… maybe 2) days without hiking or carrying a backpack. 
More soon. ❤

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