Landscapes of Virginia


Vegan southern style. Biscuits & black pepper gravy, black eye peas, string beans, roasted garlic mashed potato, roasted summer squash & cherry tomatoes w parsley.

Harpo & I recently made a pilgrimage to her family’s partriarchal/ancestral home near the rural town of Gretna, VA. We got to see some real country, cook straight from the farm garden (or the gardens of neighbors), and reconnect with some folks who were super kind to us during our 2013 AT thru hike (hi Lynn & Judy!!).img_1178-1The slow roll of the Banister River. From this point in the bank there was no noticable human development – just endless birch & willow trees & brambles. The only sign of habitation was the abandoned paddlewheel mill, vacant and crumbling.


Southern Gothic


img_1115.img_1144-3A day trip back to the Appalachian Trail to climb McAfee’s Knob & just hang out, you know

img_1169-2Harpo & her pops. We had some fun poking around ruins, beautiful old houses slowly turning to dust, open to the air & the only residents the mud-daubers.

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