Landscapes of the Desert I


1 thought on “Landscapes of the Desert I

  1. Nif

    Nick! THIS is my land of yesterday…this is where my sister and I grew up, like feral beasts…it all was so perfect. Mom’s laissez faire role; we wandered, barefoot, mostly unsupervised, and usually only with Mom’s silk 70s scarves to decorate our bodies…crappy steak knives in hands, obssessed with becoming skilled throwers. The poor saguaros suffered! I remember that once, we finally noticed one of Mom’s geodes and set out in the desert to find some. We had an axe (!) and for a good while were trying desperately to cut rocks in half, hoping for a gem. I miss you, I am sure it’s been an incredible time. I send love to you and Sara! xo Nif


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