Harpo’s PCT Journal: October 26… The finale

Day 136 (mile 11 to the Mexican border)

Miles hiked this section: 11

PCT traversed so far: mile 2660 – 0
Miles hiked: 2600 ish (adding miles for side trails… Subtracting miles for fire closures and othe detours)

Day 136

It’s our last day on trail. At 4:00am I think about this intently as my air mattress develops a leak and slowly deflates. “Almost perfect timing mister air mattress.”  I lie there anxious. Sad to get started today. The sooner we start the sooner it’s over.  There is no way to truly comprehend the end of this journey and I try not to dwell on it. 

Around 5:45 Wrong Way Gang rustles to life. Groucho wants to walk a little behind today so we dawdle packing. I make hot coffee and see my spoon is also broken. It’s like the gear knows. 

Groucho and I walk together all morning, chanting thru a golden sunrise. Then singing. Then chatting. 

At 11am we get to the community of Campo and buy snacks, waiting in the shade for Future Dad’s parents and my Cousin. By 1:15 we are walking the final 1.2 miles to the monument. 
We celebrate by taking photos, signing the register, popping champagne and puffing cigars (thanks Kelly!!) and also donning our new Wrong Way Gang tshirts, designed by Groucho and printed at the screen printing shop owned by my aunt and uncle. 
And then… It’s basically over. And we are shuttled to San Diego to jump in the ocean and eat vegan dinner. And a home where we take showers, washing away much of our tans and brushing out about half our hairz. 

And I wake at 5am … As usual. And type this post…still from bed… in the dark and wonder if I’ll be able to share with you how this all feels, but it’s not real yet. I feel like I’m on another zero. But I’ll be back soon. For now… Here are some pictures Kelly took:




10 thoughts on “Harpo’s PCT Journal: October 26… The finale

  1. janet moyer

    Thanks for the journey! Will miss all the stories, adventures, and milestones. So glad I met you a few years ago doing the AT. Best wishes in your next undertaking. J. Moyer

  2. roxanne4mastiffs@yahoo.com

    Such an amazing journey!! Thank you so much for sharing so much of your thoughts, challenges and joys!! Following you has been the next best thing to actually doing the hike 🙂 Much Love ~ Roxanne & Cody

  3. John & Caryl

    Congrats on completing another grand trek a couple of days ago!! My wife and I met you, Groucho and Huck a few miles south of Sonora Pass as you were headed to Dorothy Lake. We were just finishing up our Labor Day hike though Emigrant Wilderness. Best wishes on your future endeavors! John & Caryl

    1. clearandsweet Post author

      I remember you so well! Thanks for following and sending well wishes. Do you have any more adventures planned this year?

  4. Susanna Bluhm

    Congratulations Harpo and Groucho! I’ve been reading your posts the past few months while I eat breakfast every morning. It’s been fun. What’s next for you two badasses?

    1. clearandsweet Post author

      Susanna – thanks! We’re trying to get in where we fit in back in Seattle, at least for a moment. We may or may not be planning another hike for next summer, but for now it’s about re-centering and refocusing on our art and personal projects, reconnecting with our fam and friends, and starting to synthesize our experience..

    1. clearandsweet Post author

      Yup – reinvigoration and reintegration… The long walk back into society, the endless hallways and windows of architecture and the forms that confine us. We were hoping this would be an easier return than our 13 AT thru, but we’ll see…


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