Harpo’s PCT Journal: Sep 3 – 6

Day 79-82 (Echo Lake/S Lake Tahoe to Ebetts Pass/Highway 4)

Miles hiked this section: 42

PCT hiked so far: mile 2660 – 1048

Total miles hiked so far including blue blazing etc: 1561ish
Day 79

Surprise! While I was sleeping last night, Groucho negotiated another night for all 7 of us at the awesome Mellow Mountain hostel in exchange for painting a mural. We relax into the day with Hiker yoga and breakfast. We spend way too much time busing across town to pick up our bear canister (thanks Crunch and Happy!) and then going to the outfitter where we are interviewed by the local paper. We spend a million dollars on resupply at the co op. I buy new pants at Patagonia because I can pull off my shorts without unzipping and they are chafing. 
We invite the journalist over to the hostel for pictures and then make a $16 spaghetti dinner feeding 8 people. Huck teaches us to play ping pong Danish school children style.  

Day 80

We have vegan delights at driftwood cafe again. Then Lelani returns for us and we are back to trail by 12:30. We climb up and up and up the hill. It’s perfect hiking weather.
Windy and epic but suddenly it feels like fall. At dusk the wind picks up and takes on a stinging cold quality. We make it to camp in the shelter of friendly trees by dark. It is a bit warmer here but my toes are cold all night. 


Day 81

For all the times I have ever wished to quit Facebook, today makes up for it. Via facehole I connect with Brian. A budding trail angel, avid hiker and self proclaimed gear geek. He wants to do great trail magic for us at Ebbets Pass in 25 miles. It’s the best. He brings Karlie and Chance to help too and a cutie pooch. They research “vegan” and comes prepared with fruit and veggies and rice and boca burgers and so many good snax. And CHAIRS. But first….


Dawn this day is cold windy and beautiful but it takes 30 minutes to feel my toes. First break by lake. Second by creek. The day flies by again with the promise of magic ahead. We pass dozens of day hiker out for Labor Day. 

After Magic by generous Brian and his daughter I feel so fortunate for good connections, good friends and warm soft ground as we snuggle down in a patch of woods by the parking area. 

 Day 82

atrain needed to slow down for Ekho’s aching dog legs and misses magic so we leave him a beer and love letter. We hike all day thru cows grazing with thudding cow bells. we lunch at a gorgeous pass topped with a powdery limestone outcropping.As the afternoon wears on we Q&A with Bug about vegan nutrition and gas clouds. She is a master certified nutritionist/dietitian.  End of day group decisions bring out the monster in me. We are all hungry and tired but the group will end up making us hike 2 miles past our planned site. I subdue my rage with chanting and all ends well at pretty camp spot where we eat together. 

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