8 thoughts on “Grouchy’s PCT Journal VIII

      1. NKO Post author

        We southbounded the AT as well. The hardest part was meeting 700 nobos, and the first thing out of every single person’s mouth was “did you know you’re going the wrong way?”

  1. Aaron

    Hey, Harpo & Groucho! It was great talking with you the other day (my wife and son and I met you just before you dropped down toward Shoe Lake). I hope you manage to get around the fire safely. Happy trails!

    1. NKO Post author

      Aaron – we made it past the fire. Lovely talking to you – we loved your hydration pouches! What was that website again? We’re way into making our own gear & wanna check that out! Happy trails 😜H+G

  2. Aaron

    The site is http://www.trailcooking.com/ – I don’t remember where I found the info on the pouches (the site used to sell them but doesn’t have any instructions), but I basically cut Reflectix (bought a roll at a hardware store) a little wider than a quart sized freezer bag, made it twice as long as the bag was tall plus a couple inches for a flap, then folded the bottom up and taped it with packing tape. I cut the corners off the flap to make it easier to tuck in. Pretty similar to this – http://sectionhiker.com/diy-freezer-bag-cooking-cozy/

    I’ve found that Athena can start the food rehydrating while I set up the hammocks and tarps and even if I take a really long time, 45 minutes later my food is still hot.

    I had a good time over the weekend and Monday coming from Timberline to the Columbia with some great views of Adams, St. Helens, and Hood. I’m guessing you’re there right now or have just gone through. Have fun!

    1. NKO Post author

      Aaron – yup. Sitting in the lobby at the Timberline now. Thanks for the info! When we use a stove we use a closed cell foam cozy for most of our rehydrating – that’s how we cooked most of the meals we dehydrated for our 2013 AT thru. I’m hyped to try your technique … Tho we prolly won’t have a stove for the rest of this hike. Just cold hydrating in a peanut butter jar…


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