Send Us Mail: Bend, OR

   Here’s the next opportunity to send us mail! Cards, newspaper clippings or letters are much appreciated! They are so good for morale. If you send any snax, remember we are vegan and that means no dairy, meat or honey. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Our next mail stop is in Bend OR around July 21st. At this point we will be nearly 6 weeks and 700 miles into our journey.
Please address packages as follows:

Sara Edwards

C\o General Delivery

Bend, OR 97701-2739
If you can’t stand the post office but want to support our journey you could also consider contributing to our Eternal Pizza Party

2 thoughts on “Send Us Mail: Bend, OR

  1. Tom Pyke

    Hello Harpo & Groucho. I’m “Happy”, Crunch’s dad. I know he’d really like to connect with you all but not sure whether it will work out. I will be flying into Seattle on 7/28 to climb Rainier. Thomas, Crunch’s brother, is flying into Portland on 7/25 or 7/26 and will be headed to Willamette Pass in central OR (mile marker 1914) to pick up Crunch, and then drive up to Rainier to join us in the climb. Crunch’s other brother, Travis, will also be joining us. It is possible he’ll miss you if you all don’t meet prior to his being picked up at Willamette Pass on either 7/25 or 7/26. I am following you all closely and will update you further, as it gets closer (though I’m not sure how often you check your guest comments). When Thomas picks him up they will have several days to explore before joining us for the climb on 7/28, 29. If you wish to know where he is on the trail you can go to

    He will return to the trail to finish it immediately after the climb up Rainier. Thomas will return him on Sunday, 8/2 or Monday, 8/3 at Willamette Pass.

    Enjoying your posts. Happy trails…..


    1. NKO Post author

      Happy! So nice to hear from from you. It was so nice to meet you at Lakeshore House. We would love to meet up with crunch. We are in cascade locks currently (mile 2155). So it may be possible!


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