33 seconds: real life

Context : when I got a traumatic brain injury in a cycling accident I forgot how to speak, among many other things. I started taking 33 second videos to commemorate moments I was often forgetting.

I never had a good memory to begin with. Much of my childhood is a blur – more of a morass of emotional washes. And up until the accident I had been engaging in an active practice of memory erasure using Xanax and whisky as a means to dissolve nostalgia. 

Having my head restructured by the concrete, and then by the good people at Harborview gave me a different perspective on living with memory. Taking s 33 second video every day is a way to enshrine these incidental moments.

To view some of the initial videos visit 33-seconds. These were included in my 2010 show “Another Total Failure of Language.” I’ll try and post some of the videos taken on the PCT, but video takes forever to load on the often tenuous wifi connections available on trail… 


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