No Sew

Time to prepare for the hiking season and all of the new adventures it entails. I thought it would be prudent to warm up with an easy project – one I could accomplish in a day. Actually, this one took closer to 2 hours… even better.

Harpo and I had constructed rip-stop stuff sacks for our AT thru hike and they served us for several thousand miles, but were starting to look a little ragged. I chose to replace them with the No Sew Cuben Fiber stuff sacks, a pattern for which is available from Quest Outfitters. The pattern worked great and was easy to follow, and you can order all the fabric, cord and cord locks directly from them from the included cut sheet.

The result was good, and as you can see the finished large stuff sack comes in at well under 10 grams. Awesome. This version (there are two included in the pattern, large & small) should work for either all of my clothing or all of my food on trail for a 10 day trip or beyond. Can’t wait to stuff these full of stuff…

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