Signs of Life


Journal Entry from the last day in Guatemala

An iguana just walked through the kitchen, a spider the size of a kitten guards the bedroom, geckos chirp warnings from the ceiling at night, salamanders scuttle through the garden by day. Is this Jurassic Park? Pelicans glide in formation overhead, endoskeletons of sand dollar sea urchins sprinkle the shore, hundreds of thousands of teeny snails hang onto sand grains with each wave, waiting to push tiny valleys through the beach that are soon erased. Elegant sand-pipers dip their beaks in holes and crabs comically run sideways up shore, pausing for a perfectly timed second-take before disappearing into their burrows. Surrounded by these tiny lives, I sit covered in mosquito bites, itching, and ready for my next journey to begin. Let’s not wait too long to move this little life along.

sunrise the last morning at the beach, Guatemala

sunrise the last morning at the beach, Guatemala






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