Snacks: Trail Sprouting

IMG_9698Sprouting is one of the easiest ways to get fresh food on trail without worrying about the water weight and fragility of fruit, or the rapid decay of greens. Harpo & I sprouted all along the AT and have continued the practice on our more recent trip to the Olympics. Trail sprouting is really effective on trips longer than 2 nights – it takes an overnight soak and 2-3 days rinsing twice per day (using about 1/4 cup of treated water) to get the seeds to an edible state – right about the time you’re craving some fresh, non-dehydrated food. We repackage sprouts ordered from Sprout House into 2oz increments, and use a hemp sprouting bag from Outdoor Herbivore on trail.

Sprouts combine well with oats, or can be thrown in with ramen. One of our favorite AT trail recipies was a flour tortilla filled with instant hummus and sprouts

Sprouts after 3 days in the Outdoor Herbivore hemp sprouting bag

Sprouts after 3 days in the Outdoor Herbivore hemp sprouting bag

1 thought on “Snacks: Trail Sprouting

  1. Nif

    OMG my sprout heroes!!! I LOVE those crunchy sprouts in my salads and have NOT seen them anywhere in the stores this year….duuuuhhhh, yet again, I represent a dismaying large number of ignorant humans: the whole time I could have just started producing sprouts myself! Thank you for sharing!!! –Nif


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