We Love the Tiny Bottles

Tiny Bottles

We love tiny bottles. Also foam hats, tye-dyed shoelaces, weird markers, umbrellas and other junk we really DO need for $1.59. Daiso is a Japanese based dollar store that has 2 outlets in Seattle – one near Uwajimaya, and the other in Westlake Mall – and apparently an online store as well, though the real pleasure of the Daiso experience is wandering in wonder through the narrow aisles stocked to the ceiling with unrecognizable shiny plastic stuff.

Occasionally you find a real gem – these ‘sauce bottles’ work great for everything from hot sauce to Arnicare, and come in sizes ranging from .2oz to .8oz – way less than a full tube of cortisone cream or the smallest size Spenco Sencond Skin… also, so cheap.

Daiso, we love you.

Tiny Bottles

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