New Mystics Cultivation Concern

Bruce Willis

Seeds from Bruce Willis – a Cannabis Sativa strain developed in Beacon Hill and organically propagated in South Park, and now, everywhere…

Living in Washington, where marijuana has recently become legal recreationally as well as medicinally, New Mystics is doing something about access. Cannabis has been used for centuries by humans – see Herodotus’ records regarding the Scythians, or the wealth of Ayurvedic literature on the plant as medicine – so it seems appropriate that we end the prohibition of this plant.

New Mystics had some concerns about the corporate takeover which would inevitably ensue from asking the state Liquor Control Board to legislate access to cannabis. Hence, they’ve been planting seeds wherever they roam – an since the crew includes cyclists, messengers, hikers and pedestrians of all stripes, is pretty much everywhere in western Washington. Much like picking huckleberries in August, there should be free and easy access to marijuana for those who want to find it. And sure, if you’ve got the loot and want to buy some super fancy weed at a legal shop then by all means, it’s your legal right to do so. But weed is a weed, and we should let it grow freely…

2 thoughts on “New Mystics Cultivation Concern

  1. chemire

    Unfortunately this may not work out as well as you’d hope. Unless it rains a lot and the temperatures are just right, most of the seeds will likely not make it. Once established it’s a pretty tough plant, but the seedlings can be fragile. Plus some strains are very temperamental. If you’re going to do this I would focus on using strains known to grow very well in your area already. (For example, I tried to grow a Romulan x Grapefruit and it died very quickly, but my Blue Dreams are thriving.)

    1. NKO Post author

      Thanks for the advice – New Mystics isn’t worried about success, other than pursuit of a poetic ideal. Although, most of the strains available are grown and raised in the NW, and are distributed thoughtfully…


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