Trail Recipes: Trail Boss Peanut Butter Crunch

– peanut butter
Theo roasted cocao nibs
Dip yr spoon in the peanut butter of yr choice, then in the cocao nibs – iz sublime.

Our friend Ms, Joanna Lepore hooked up a boss care package, including some Theo roasted cocao nibs. We found they survive packing (and don’t melt), requires basically no prep time, and also fulfills the chocolate craving.

If you’re a hiker who needs calories you probably have a love/hate relationship with PB after the first couple weeks – these cocoa nibs will totally turn the LOVE back on.

We celebrated our 600 mile left, 3/4 done, and 500 mile left goals with the salted almond & dark chocolate bars. As you can see, we couldn’t wait to photo them before celebrating… Also boss! Thanks J!


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