The Four State Challenge

So we tried this thing – all the kids are doing it, and it seemed cool at the time. It’s called the Four State Challenge. Deemed a fun-run by some, a death march by others, we considered it more of an ill tempered booze cruise involving a clown car and our pal PotatoShake. The idea is to set foot in four states – Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia – in 24 hours. It requires walking about 45 miles, as we found out. Here are photos taken from when we started at the Mason/Dixon line at 3:50 am and taken about every 10 miles, with the final in Harpers Ferry just before we finished 18 hours later at 10:50 pm… 20131008-231625.jpg



Also, we found these bugs having sex on Groucho’s back…


2 thoughts on “The Four State Challenge

  1. Laurena

    A-mazing and painful?
    18 hours straight. Wow! Impressive and crazy!
    Do you at least get to register your success somewhere?
    Or will it live as legend?

    1. NKO Post author

      E –
      The Four State Challenge lives on only in memory. And barely, at that. In some ways I’m bummed not to see MD better – we heard the shelters were great – but we went into BMore after for a day and that healed all wounded …


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