Generosity Killed the Cynic

20130828-180550.jpgGenerosity on the trail comes in many forms… day hikers spontaneously offering us snacks, strangers providing us rides to town, and the anonymous angels who leave beers in streams with a note that says “Enjoy.” It is humbling to find ourselves surrounded by these gestures each day.

Today we tip out hats to the several friends and family members who have generously sent us mail. We know it woulda been hella easier to send us an email and we so appreciate your time, thoughtfulness and generosity. They often feel like answered prayers on difficult days.

Thank you Michelle L, Kate C, Lynn R, Tania K, Steve U, Kate R, the Golden Archer, and the folks at Velocity for sending us packages, letters or postcards. You guys are the bomb.

And ever/always a shout out to Sandy and Gerry for sending us the essential weekly mail drops that provide our food along the way… The added articles and homemade snacks are always warmly appreciated.

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