Sandy the Salamander

Every time I see a salamander I think of my mom Sandy.

When I was growing up she became enchanted by a newt she found living in our greenhouse. Now I can’t see a little lizard-buddy without being reminded of her compassion for “all creatures great and small.”

The morning I took this shot was following a thunderstorm… we counted over 50 little salamanders on the trail in a few hours. They are as prolific as our slug-buddies in the NW.

2 thoughts on “Sandy the Salamander

  1. sandy

    50!!! We only saw 3 on our walks this spring! I love their squishy little bodies, and their laid back response to the world around them.

    1. clearandsweet

      They are so laid back, they often *almost* get stepped on. I think 50 was a low estimate… another day I actually counted every single one I saw for one hour – the total was 54. They are prolific.


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