Nothing to See Here


It’s as if the predawn energy has invaded the town – things are empty, routine, seemingly vacant yet surprisingly full. A look in the eye – not desperation – but the ache of the final days of summer…

Back to school, kiddos…

Camped out behind the soccer fields at Dartmouth in Hanover, NH. – we walked 24 miles yesterday, the last 4 in the dark, to make it into town by last call. The boozy at the basement BBQ joint were cheep and cold. The undergrads sang Billy Joel songs and played darts.

Today we sit stinking in public libraries getting quizzical looks from old ladies…

2 thoughts on “Nothing to See Here

    1. clearandsweet

      We had an epic mileage week this week. 115 miles in 6 days (average 19 miles a day.) The biggest one was 25 miles. It was super challenging but we are rewarding ourselves with a day off at the Holiday Inn Express… they have a sauna and heated swimming pool. YES.


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