A Notch in the Belt

Goodbye, Maine… You were beautiful.

We’ve completed 298 miles of the trail, and hiked at least 312 miles including side trails and accidental wrong turns. We’ve also finished four milestones. 1) Katahadin – the largest peak in Maine and one of the most revered of the trail; 2) The 100 mile wilderness – the longest stretch of trail without towns and resupply points; 3) Southern Maine in general – a notorious maze of huge boulders and rocks and roots and climbing up and down old, crumbling mountains; 4) Mahoosuc Notch – the “most difficult mile on the trail” because it’s a climb over and under and around an enormous boulder field. We found it more like a giant adult playground…

Maine presented a beautiful and magical landscape… We hear New Hampshire is also rigorous with a lot of climbing ahead of us the next 7-10 days… it also holds our next (and last two milestones)… 5) The Whites in general (a lot of climbing and high mountains); and 6) Mount Washington specifically – the highest peak in the NE.

After that, and these next 100 miles, things are supposed to get “easier”… we’ll see…

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