Trail Recipe #2: Sugarloaf Trail Crepe

20130728-145542.jpgDedicated to our two favorite former crepe ladies: Kate Ryan & Miss Lily Luv. The recipe is simple save one qualifier – it can only be eaten atop Sugarloaf mountain, a .5 mile detour from the AT in Maine….

– 1 large flour tortilla
– two Oreo cookies
– 1 handful home dehydrated blueberries (thanks Sandy & Gerry!)
– 2 tbsp dark chocolate peanut butter

Spread the peanut butter on the tortilla, add blueberries and Oreos. I would say crush the Oreos but they’ll probably be pretty well crushed by the time you get up the mountain. Fold crepe style… Or jellyroll if you prefer. Enjoy!

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