empire of snacks

Empire of Snacks

This is what 4 -5 months of food looks like for two hungry vegans.

Sara’s parents have agreed to mail us food on a 5 – 7 day basis, so we needed to organize everything clearly so we know how to ask for it, and they can easily pack & ship it. We’ll see how this plan works out, but if it does we might be some of the best fed hikers on the trail… all vegan, and mostly organic sprouted food.

The food drop practice is optional on the AT – it’s more common to resupply in town without mail drops, unlike the PCT the AT regularly runs into or close to town. But being unsure about availability of vegan snacks in the rural south, and an unwillingness to eat dry ramen, peanut butter and powdered milk tortillas, or pints of Ben&Jerry’s made us super motivated to find a way to feed ourselves. We’ll let you know how the field test goes…

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